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Cases are seen at the Queens RoadĀ Veterinary Hospital in Cheadle Hulme.
Tel: 0161 486 2333
Fax: 0161 486 6156


Suitable cases for referral include:

  • In depth ophthalmic examination
  • Extraocular microsurgery including:
    • Parotid duct transposition surgery
    • Lacrimal punctal surgery
  • Corneal and corneo-scleral surgery including:
  • Cataract assessment:
  • Eyelid reconstruction and correction of eyelid deformities
  • Third eyelid surgery:
  • Glaucoma implant surgery
  • Cryosurgery:
    • Transcleral retinopexy
    • Scleral shelf melanomas
    • Cryo lens extraction for luxations

Referring veterinary surgeons will initially be contacted by phone or fax, with a letter to follow up. Estimates will be given at the initial consultation. Payment is expected at the time of collection.

We have written various information sheets on common ocular conditions which can be downloaded for use either by you or your clients.