Penny – Orthopaedics

Labrador / Blood Hound Cross

3 years 1 month


Bilateral Medial Coronoid Disease of the Elbow



Penny had a 2-month period of lameness prior to her appointment with our orthopaedic surgeon. There had been no trauma seen and there had also been no improvement with the previous pain relief medications prescribed. A clinical examination demonstrated she had reduced flexion of both elbows (especially the right) and discomfort upon extension of both elbows. Swelling was noted on both elbows suggesting a problem with these joints. 



A general anaesthetic and CT scan were performed following the appointment in order to determine the best course of action. The scan showed Penny had left and right medial coronoid disease (painful elbows) and the orthopaedic surgeon requested she be scheduled in the next couple of weeks for a general anaesthetic and bilateral elbow arthroscopy (keyhole surgery). This is minimally invasive surgery whereby a small camera attached to a monitor is inserted directly into the elbow joint; the surgeon can see the affected areas and insert specialised instruments within the joint to treat these as necessary.

This disease is painful, is unfortunately not curable but can be treated. Often any patients are very lame when they are seen; it tends to affect large breed dogs and leads to early arthritis.

With surgery Penny’s quality of life can certainly be improved and we perform lots of elbow arthroscopies here at the hospital

Our orthopaedic team worked together to look after Penny. During the procedure the surgeon performed a sub-total coronoidectomy where areas of dead bone were removed. Following surgery Penny spent the night in our hospital, she recovered very well and went home the following day.



Penny was weight bearing on both front legs immediately following her surgery and continued to do well at home. At her 1 week post op check the small wounds had healed and she was walking very well. Her exercise will be restricted for the next few weeks with a gradual increase until she can resume normal activity.


Thank you to Penny’s owners for letting us share her story.