Coco – Orthopaedics

Labrador Cross

7 months old


Fractured right radius and ulna


One morning Coco ran down the garden and was suddenly holding up her right front leg and unable to put any weight on it. She was examined at the hospital, some swelling was found and she would yelp in pain when her mid-shaft radius and ulnar bones were touched. A fracture was suspected and a splint dressing was applied under a light sedation to help stabilise the leg.


Following some X-rays it was apparent Coco had fractured her leg and needed surgery to repair it. Coco was given a general anaesthetic and our orthopaedic surgeon Roberto firstly reduced the fracture (re-aligned the bones) then fixed a large plate with screws to ensure it remained in place and was stable.


Coco came in for her 1 and 2 week post op checks and at each check was doing very well. Her x-rays were scheduled for 10 weeks following the date of her surgery. By 10 weeks Coco had grown a lot and was doing very well indeed! She had a light sedation so Roberto could take some x-ray images which showed her bones had completely healed. Her owner was given the fantastic news that she could increase her activity over the next 3-4 weeks then continue her life as normal!