We are pleased to be able to offer hydrotherapy for pets that need it.  Vets can refer cases to us to access this service.

We offer three types of tailored hydrotherapy sessions: fitness, obesity and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Sessions

Water treadmill is a commonly used form of complementary therapy for dogs with a pre-existing or ongoing joint problem or those recovering from surgery.

The natural buoyancy of the water allows supported exercise, minimising stress on joints. Greater resistance to movement also allows for slower, more controlled limb movement and increased range of motion.

This is particularly important for dogs suffering with lameness, as a result of surgery or a degenerative condition, which has led to lack of use and muscle wastage.

A tailored treatment plan is created to monitor gait, pace and range of motion. Hands-on facilitation is provided where needed with use of additional supportive equipment where necessary.

Many conditions benefit from rehabilitation water treadmill including arthritis, hip dysplasia, and cruciate ligament injury, disc disease involving the spine and nerve damage.

Rehabilitation sessions are also ideal for pre or post-operative conditioning providing a faster recovery time and return to full fitness.

A free introductory session is provided for all patients who have undergone orthopaedic or spinal surgery at Woodcroft Vets. Ideally, 10-12 sessions are recommended for most post-operative cases.

Some insurance companies will cover hydrotherapy, albeit as a separate claim with an additional excess – please ask for further information.

Fitness Sessions

Water treadmill is a great way to keep your dog in peak condition. Fitness sessions allow your dog to exercise safely whilst achieving maximum benefit to both cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Hydrotherapy allows efficient muscle strengthening due to the increased resistance of water while natural buoyancy minimises stress on the joints.

Tailored treatment plans are created to provide maximum benefit to your dog. Water level and belt speed can be adjusted to vary pace and target specific muscle groups.

Fitness sessions are ideal for fly ball and agility dogs as a low impact, high intensity form of exercise.

Fitness sessions are only available to dogs who do not currently suffer from any orthopaedic conditions and are registered with Woodcroft Veterinary Group.

Obesity Sessions

Overweight dogs can benefit from water treadmill sessions alongside a healthy, reduced calorie diet.

Hydrotherapy provides an efficient and safe form of exercise. The natural buoyancy prevents over-exertion through encouragement of slow, controlled movement and reduces weight loading through already strained joints.

Water resistance also allows maximum cardiovascular work and muscle strengthening within a safe, supported environment.

Tailored treatment plans are created to provide maximum benefit to your dog. Water level and belt speed can be adjusted to vary pace and buoyancy support to alter the degree of intensity of the work out.

Obesity sessions are ideal for dogs whose exercise tolerance is limited on land as a result of their weight. Water treadmill assists with weight loss while providing an outlet for safe, efficient exercise for a faster return to fitness and improved quality of life.

Obesity sessions are only available to those clients who are enrolled in the Woodcroft weight clinics program.