We are pleased to be able to offer physiotherapy for pets that need it. Vets can refer cases to us to access this service.

Emily and Tabitha are both qualified therapists and are able to offer a variety of treatments to suit the patient.

We work with the animal as an individual, tailoring a treatment plan to their unique needs. Some of the common reasons for treatment include:

  • to assist restoration of normal musculoskeletal function
  • to improve joint mobility and muscle health
  • to promote rehabilitation/healing post-op or injury
  • for arthritis support / management
  • to manage or reduce pain and inflammation
  • to promote good quality of life
  • to reduce compensatory movements & muscle development i.e. those occurring after injury or surgery. 

Physiotherapy is often used alongside hydrotherapy to rehabilitate a range of conditions and injuries, as well as for the purpose of maintenance in the case of progressive conditions. If the patient is experiencing any of the below conditions we can offer assistance.

If the patient’s condition is not shown here, our physiotherapy team would be happy to discuss ways they can still support the pet’s rehabilitation.

•Cruciate tear/rupture

•Poor Co-ordination/balance


• Abnormal posture

• Arthritis

• Weight loss

•Soft tissue injury

• Physical conditioning

• Neurological damage/infection

• Cardiovascular fitness

• Imbalanced muscle mass

• Pain management

• Patella luxation

• Acute Injury

• Stiffness / Lameness

• Behavioural changes

• Fractures

• Restricted range of motion