Our dermatology department is led by an Advanced Practitioner with a wealth of experience.

We are able to take referrals from first opinion veterinary practitioners for in-depth investigations and treatments that are usually carried out on the same day in order to minimise disruption for clients as much as possible.

Once a long term treatment plan has been established, patients can benefit from re-examinations with us or cases can be referred back to the original veterinary surgeon for ongoing management of the case.

Common cases for referral include:

- Alopecia

- Acral lick dermatitis

- Dermatological manifestations of internal disease

- Otitis

- Parasitic dermatoses

- Pruritus – intradermal allergy testing

- Scaling, crusting and ulcerating disorders


We investigate using a range of methods including intradermal skin testing, cytology, culture and sensitivity allergy investigation, punch and excisional biopsies, and immunotherapy.