Internal Medicine

We offer a comprehensive internal medicine referral service to assist on complex medical conditions.

On reviewing the clinical history an examination is completed by one of our Advanced Practitioners. Where required, the latest diagnostic imaging including ultrasonography, MRI, CT and in-house and external laboratory testing can be employed. We also offer chemotherapy treatment.

Situated in a state-of-the-art hospital with multiple operating theatres, advanced equipment and on-site hospital facilities, your patient is able to receive treatment and recover with the expert care of our colleagues.

Once a long term treatment plan has been established, cases can be referred back to the original Veterinary Surgeon for ongoing management of the case.

Advanced Practitioner Donald Wiggins has also completed two certificates in feline medicine and feline behaviour to ensure that our feline patients are better understood and reduce stress during their stay.

Conditions for referral may include:

- Gastrointestinal disease

- Urinary disease

- Clinical syndromes

- Laboratory abnormalities

- Endocrinopathies

- Feline medicine

- Dermatological manifestations of internal disease

- Blood transfusions


We use a large range of equipment and techniques to assess and treat patients, including:

- In-house laboratory

- Biochemistry/haematology/electrolytes profiles

- Coagulation profiles (PT, APTT, and BMBT)

- ISTAT blood gases

- Blood typing

- Imaging

- Radiography

- MRI and CT

- Ultrasonography

- Endoscopic examination of upper and lower GI tract

- Biopsy (trucut, surgical)

- Bone marrow aspirates & biopsy

- CSF analysis

- Blood pressure monitoring

- Joint taps