Enzo - Soft Tissue

Enzo- Soft Tissue

French Bulldog



Oesophageal foreign body


Enzo had eaten a ham bone from a local pet shop at the weekend. He was retching as if his throat was uncomfortable and was then unable to keep any food down. Initially, he went to his first opinion vets for symptomatic treatment but they proceeded to take x-rays and perform endoscopy, which confirmed an oesophageal foreign body. They were unable to remove the object, so referred Enzo to our Soft Tissue surgeon Kerry Billington.


Kerry hoped to be able to remove the foreign body using the endoscope and forceps but if this was not possible, she planned to push the foreign object into the stomach where it would either break down naturally or be in a position for her to remove surgically. Enzo was placed under anaesthetic where endoscopy was performed. The bone fragment was located just behind Enzo’s Larynx and Kerry was thankfully able to remove it using the forceps. The rest of the oesophagus and the stomach were then checked over, but luckily no lacerations were identified. An X-ray was taken to check there were no other pieces of bone in his stomach or gastrointestinal tract.


Enzo recovered from his anaesthetic and remained at our hospital overnight for monitoring and pain relief. Even after his ordeal, he was still happy to eat during his stay! Enzo went home the following day and has made a full recovery.