Soft Tissue

Soft Tissue and Laparoscopy

Situated in a state-of-the-art hospital with six operating theatres, advanced equipment and onsite hospital facilities, your patient is able to receive treatment and recover with the expert care of our colleagues.

We offer a comprehensive referral service for pets with a wide range of surgical issues. 

The surgical team work closely with our other internal referral services including cardiology, internal medicine and diagnostic imaging to ensure the best outcome for your patient. 

This enables us to create bespoke treatment plans for each of our patients. Please speak to our client care advisor to find out how we can help with your case.Surgeries conducted by our team include:

  • Head and neck procedures:

- Laryngeal paralysis surgery

- Total ear canal ablation

- Lateral and ventral bulla osteotomy

- Brachycephalic obstructive airway surgery

- Pharyngeal stick injury

- Oesophageal foreign body

  • Skin reconstructions:

- Wound management

  • Oncological surgery:

- Mandibulectomy/maxillectomy

- Amputation

  • Thoracic surgery:

- Pericardiectomy

- Lung lobectomy

- Chylothorax

- Pyothorax

  • Hernia repair:

- Diaphragmatic

- Perineal

  • Abdominal surgery:

- Subtotal colectomy for feline megacolon

- Gastric dilation volvulus

- Splenectomy

- Liver lobectomy

- Enterectomy

- Gastrostomy tube placement

- Nephrectomy

- Peritonitis

- Extra hepatic portosystemic shunt surgery

  • Urogenital procedures:

- Management of USMI

- Perineal urethrostomy

- Urethral tears

Abdominal surgical procedures may, where appropriate, be treated laparoscopically. Our surgeons also offer routine laparoscopic spay surgery.