Rocco - Orthopaedics

Cross Breed

1 year 5 months old


Right pelvic limb lameness


Rocco had a long history of right pelvic limb lameness (non-weight bearing) given by an avascular necrosis of the femoral head (Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease). When Roberto, one of our Orthopaedic surgeons met him for the first time Rocco had not been using his right pelvic leg for 4 months. He showed severe muscle wastage, massive fibrosis and contracture of the muscle around the hip joint with significant reduction of movement in the hip joint.


Roberto performed a femoral head and neck ostectomy revision surgery, releasing the joint from all contractures. After surgery, Rocco recovered well and was referred to our hydrotherapy centre for further therapy.

He was seen for 6 sessions of hydrotherapy, using our aquatic treadmill and is continuing with regular physiotherapy.


After 3 months, Rocco uses his right leg very well and is now leading a pain-free life.


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